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May 26, 2020

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Professor Lisa Jack from Portsmouth University. 

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0 - 5:30 minutes -

  • Introduction to Professor Lisa Jack and her move into teaching from being an auditor in the public and private sectors.

05:45 - 06:50 minutes

  • Will we seen an upsurge in food fraud in the COVID-19 era? Do you agree with this?
  • Prof Lisa discusses that the ‘head turn’ of attention could lead to more food fraud and tightened margins.

06:50 - 08:50 minutes

  • From a regulatory perspective, does this create a more permissive environment for food fraud at the moment?
  • Lisa discusses that a limit of resources can lessen the amount of regulation and investigative powers.

08:50 -  13:40 minutes

  • What’s your view of the impact on the food industry and supply chains due to products not being able to be sourced profitably?
  • Audits within the crisis: Lisa discusses the challenges that the current crisis brings, as we are now not able to view products in person and what impact this has on reliability of its authenticity.

13:50 - 20:15 minutes:

  • Do you think, with the drive to cheaper food, what is the right response that the authorities should take to steady the ship?
  • A number of manufactures have gone direct to consumer, due to the closure of foodservice, with the lack of higher authority standards, does this worry you?

20:15 -28:05 minutes: 

  • From a consumer interest, what do you think this all does to consumer trust in food?
  • Is the consumer more suspecting of food fraud now?

28:10 - 30:40 minutes:

  • If you were advising a company now, what would you say to them to not be impacted by food fraud now?
  • How could they lock in the robustness of their supply chain?

30:40 - 35:30 minutes

  • In regards to Brexit, how will it play out in terms of food fraud, as EU regulations are removed, will it leave a lack of protection?

35:30 minutes

  • Lisa gives us the details on her Symposium ‘Futures for Food’ on Thursday 28th May, details of this event and how to register can be found here:

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