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Jun 23, 2020

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Jacob Leadley, winemaker and CEO of Black Chalk and Fran Bridgewater, owner and founder of Drinks Network.

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0:00 - 7:35 minutes: Introduction

  • Introduction to both Fran and Jacob.
  • Fran gives us an overview of the English Wine scene.
  • Is English wine still an onlooker or is it starting to make a dent in the volumes of European and New World wines?

07:35 - 16:10 minutes: Jacob and Black Chalk

  • Jacob tells us about his journey to creating Black Chalk wine.
  • How the name of Black Chalk wine came about.
  • How do you choose the grapes and the ratios within the wines that you produce?

16:10 - 22:40 minutes: The Consumer

  • When creating the alchemy of the wines, is there a consumer in mind within this process?
  • Jacob, are you going to bring out a third wine?

22:40 - 30:10 minutes: The Market

  • Are you seeing a resurgence of wine, with a bounce in sales?
  • Jacob discusses his increase in driest sales.
  • We hear about Jacob’s huge social media success to bring together and help English wine makers, The Big English Wine Good Friday.

30:10 - Social and Environmental impact

  • What sorts of things do you do to keep on top of your social and environmental impact?
  • Jacob and Black Chalk is a member of the UK Sustainability Group.
  • Fran, what names should we look out for in the English wine scene?

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