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Sep 1, 2020

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to Joe Welstead, co-founder and CEO of Motion Nutrition.

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00:00 - 08:48 minutes: Introduction to Joe Welstead

  • An insight into Joe's former life as a professional swimmer for Scotland and forage into sports management following his retirement after the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
  • Joe describes his struggle to find performance enhancing supplements that were also beneficial to his long-term health.
  • How this gap in the market sparked the inception of Motion Nutrition.

08:49 - 13:31: Bringing nutritional supplements to the wider market

  • Joe discusses how the supplement market has expanded beyond performance enhancements for athletes.
  • How organic supplements can benefit the consumer day-to-day.

13:32 - 15:29: Sleep Hygiene

  • How Motion Nutrition can benefit sleep.
  • Joe's adversity to supplements being used as a sole tool to enhance sleep and how he encourages a healthy lifestyle as a foundation for supplements to work optimally.

15:30 - 27:14: The evolution of consumer

  • Joe discusses the importance of improving the daily well-being of consumers, relieving stress and aiding a good night's sleep when conceptualising new products.
  • How the Motion Nutrition customer has inadvertently evolved into a female-dominated audience through it's accessible branding and marketing.
  • Benefits of retail partnerships fo consumer convenience and product exposure.

27:15 - 29:14: Influencer culture

  • Are influencer partnerships still relevant and effective in advertising brands?

29:15 - 33:26: Joe's Favourites

  • Joe shares his favourite well-being brands including Heckles and Bare Biology.

33:27 - 40:39: Nutrition news and quick thoughts

  • Hamish asks Joe his quick thoughts on emerging nutrition trends and products including;
  • Continuous glucose monitors
  • Ketones and the Keto Diet
  • Red-light therapy for better sleep
  • SARMs and peptides

40:40 - Future of Motion Nutrition

  • Joe discusses new product launches to keep an eye out for including his interest in balancing hormones as mood stabilisers and sustainable all-day energy supplements.

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