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May 6, 2019

In this week's episode of The Grocery Insider, in association with HRA Global, we speak to the Co-Founder of Brain Füd - Jess Gould.

Get to know Jess (0 mins)

  • Meet Jess Gould and find out how she got into food and drink, and a specific interest in energy drinks
  • Finding Brain Füd
  • How Brain Füd began

Where you can buy Brain Füd (5.30 mins)

  • Taking the product to market
  • Brain Fud within universities and offices
  • Who is the Brain Fud target market
  • Where you find Brain Fud
  • EXCLUSIVE news about Brain Fud

Packaging journey of Brain Füd (9 mins)

  • Packaging journey of Brain Fud
  • Future packaging of Brain Fud
  • The important connection between brand and packaging
  • Impact of packaging and how it looks on shelves
  • Future Brain Fud products

The evolving brand (15 mins)

  • Route to market retail, foodservice or direct to consumer
  • Focus on women in target audience and Brain Füd
  • Brain Fud colours and moving the brand forward

Brain Füd chose in bold and brave flavours (19 mins)

  • Flavours of Brain Füd
  • Distinct flavour combinations
  • Importance of natural flavours

Reflecting on how Brain Füd began in comparison to today (21 mins)

  • Great concept, how did Brain Füd begin
  • Getting the first order
  • The Brain Füd team and logistics for moving into retail

The exciting future of Brain Füd (23 mins)

  • Where would Jess like to be in a few years?
  • Any worries?
  • if you could give one piece of advice to someone starting into the industry today, what would you do?

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